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Catalog Table of Contents

Adjustable8, 9, 10
Butt & Transition12
Carpet Divider4
Expansion Joint & Covers10, 11
Floor Closer Threshold3
Handicap1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 12
Rabbeted5, 6
Ramp7, 12
Rubber4, 10, 12
Thermal Break2, 3, 4, 6
Traction Tread™9
Utility1, 2, 3
Water Return13
Wheelchair Shower 14
Automatic Door Bottoms/ Sill Protection
Automatic Door Bottoms1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Automatic Door Bottom, Electrical5
Automatic Door Bottom, Lead-lined3
Door Sweeps6, 7, 8, 9
Door Sweep with Intumescent8
End Caps, Locking Key5
FLO Option4, 7, 8
Seals/ Weatherstripping
Anti-Bacterial Gasketing - BioWall™(BIO)16
Glass Door Weatherstripping17, 18
Head & Jamb, Adjustable Seals2, 3
Head & Jamb, Contact Seals4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Head & Jamb, Interlocking Seals10
Head & Jamb, Magnetic Sealing4
Head & Jamb, Spring-Loaded3
Head & Jamb Protection, Intumescent5
Kerf Mount Weatherstripping8
Ligature-Resistant Gasketing (ZAG)21
Meeting Stiles 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Mullion Application20
Self-Adhesive Weatherstripping9
Sliding Overhead & Hangar Doors22
Strike Plate/ Door Closer Mounting Brackets3, 10
Water Shed/ Rain Drip10
Wood Doors/ Wood Frames19
Cam Lift Hinge1
Continuous Unigear Hinges2, 3, 4
Continuous Hinge Options4
Mortise Hinge1
Door Holder, Heavy-Duty Spring Recoil6
Barrel-Type Unipin Continuous Hinges5
Wood Window Protection
Weatherstripping - Double-Hung, Casement1, 2
Weathercheck, Sash Pulley, Chain1
Fasteners & General-Purpose Products
Double Coated Foam Tapes1
Magnetic Strip1
Screws, Thru Bolt3, 4, 5, 6
Sound Control Solutions
Acoustical Louvers4
Pairs of Doors - Sound Trap3
Single Doors - Sound Trap2
Sound Barrier Sheet8
Sound Control Systems - Single & Double Doors9
Sound Control Technology - Sound Trap1
Structural Acoustics, Floors and Walls6
Vision Lites4, 5
Wall Insulator System - Sound Trap7
Windows and Curtain Wall Partition5
Fire & Smoke Protection - Intumescent
Door Solutions1, 2, 3
Firestopping Applications6
Glazing Tape5
Intumescent Lock Packs/ Hinge Pads5
Intumescent Technology7
Louver Solutions4
Smoke & Draft Control System3
Specialties - Auto Door Bottom5
Specialties - Fire Block, Fire Bolt5
Photoluminescent Systems
Directional Signs, Door Kits2
Door Hardware Marking4
Exit Door Kits2, 4
Floor Demarcation Lines4
Head & Jamb, Sill Marking4
Stair Marking3
Stairway Marking System1
"Traction Tread" Glow3
Control Systems & Applications
ADA Access System1
Air Infiltration Systems & Testing2
Communicating Doors5
Doorlite Systems - Slimport Metal Vision Frames3
EMI/ RFI Systems4
Equipment, Hotel Room Doors5
Gasketing for Exterior Doors6
Gasketing for Non-Latching Doors7
Gasketing for Residential Doors6
Hurricane Protection, Water Infiltration8
Radioactive Dust Protection9
"Safe-Haven" Room Gasketing8
Sliding Hangar Doors, Overhead Doors11
Sliding & Pocket Doors10
Specialty Products
ADA Access System1
Antibacterial Gasketing – BIOWall2
Automatic Door Bottom/ Electrical Actuator4
Concealed Door Bottom, Easy Access4
Doorlites – Slimport Metal Vision Frames5
Dust Plug, Self-Adhesive6
EMI/ RFI Protection7
FLO Option Door Sweeps8, 9
Finger Protection2, 10, 11
Flood Barrier Shield12
Intumescent Fire Block13
Intumescent Fire Bolt14
Ligature-Resistant Gasketing – ZAG 3
Lead-Lined X-Ray Protection5
Radioactive Dust Protection15
Security Control16
Product Information
Regulatory Standards1
Physical Properties2
Air Control Systems3
Sound Control Systems4