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Catalog Table of Contents

Accessories28, 29
Saddle thresholds1, 2, 3, 4
Half-saddle thresholds5, 6
Offset thresholds7
Rabbeted thresholds8, 9, 10
Thermal break thresholds11, 12
Carpet divider thresholds13
Adjustable thresholds14, 15, 16
Traction tread adjustable thresholds17, 18
Ramps19, 20
Interlocking thresholds21
Adjustable interlocking bronze threshold systems22, 23, 24
Specialized threshold solutions25, 26, 27
Automatic Door Bottoms/ Sill Protection
Automatic Door Bottoms1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Automatic Door Bottom, Electrical5
Automatic Door Bottom, Lead-lined3
Door Sweeps6, 7, 8, 9
Door Sweep with Intumescent8
End Caps, Locking Key5
FLO Option4, 7, 8
Automatic Door Bottoms section catalog0
Seals/ Weatherstripping
Anti-Bacterial Gasketing - BioWall™(BIO)16
Glass Door Weatherstripping17, 18
Head & Jamb, Adjustable Seals2, 3
Head & Jamb, Contact Seals4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Head & Jamb, Interlocking Seals10
Head & Jamb, Magnetic Sealing4
Head & Jamb, Spring-Loaded3
Head & Jamb Protection, Intumescent5
Kerf Mount Weatherstripping8
Ligature-Resistant Gasketing (ZAG)21
Meeting Stiles 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Mullion Application20
Self-Adhesive Weatherstripping9
Sliding Overhead & Hangar Doors22
Strike Plate/ Door Closer Mounting Brackets3, 10
Water Shed/ Rain Drip10
Wood Doors/ Wood Frames19
Cam Lift Hinge1
Continuous Unigear Hinges2, 3, 4
Continuous Hinge Options4
Mortise Hinge1
Door Holder, Heavy-Duty Spring Recoil6
Barrel-Type Unipin Continuous Hinges5
Wood Window Protection
Weatherstripping - Double-Hung, Casement1, 2
Weathercheck, Sash Pulley, Chain1
Fasteners & General-Purpose Products
Double Coated Foam Tapes1
Magnetic Strip1
Screws, Thru Bolt3, 4, 5, 6
Sound Control Solutions
Acoustical Louvers4
Pairs of Doors - Sound Trap3
Single Doors - Sound Trap2
Sound Barrier Sheet8
Sound Control Systems - Single & Double Doors9
Sound Control Technology - Sound Trap1
Structural Acoustics, Floors and Walls6
Vision Lites4, 5
Wall Insulator System - Sound Trap7
Windows and Curtain Wall Partition5
Fire & Smoke Protection - Intumescent
Door Solutions1, 2, 3
Firestopping Applications6
Glazing Tape5
Intumescent Lock Packs/ Hinge Pads5
Intumescent Technology7
Louver Solutions4
Smoke & Draft Control System3
Specialties - Auto Door Bottom5
Specialties - Fire Block, Fire Bolt5
Photoluminescent Systems
Directional Signs, Door Kits2
Door Hardware Marking4
Exit Door Kits2, 4
Floor Demarcation Lines4
Head & Jamb, Sill Marking4
Stair Marking3
Stairway Marking System1
"Traction Tread" Glow3
Control Systems & Applications
ADA Access System1
Air Infiltration Systems & Testing2
Communicating Doors5
Doorlite Systems - Slimport Metal Vision Frames3
EMI/ RFI Systems4
Equipment, Hotel Room Doors5
Gasketing for Exterior Doors6
Gasketing for Non-Latching Doors7
Gasketing for Residential Doors6
Hurricane Protection, Water Infiltration8
Radioactive Dust Protection9
"Safe-Haven" Room Gasketing8
Sliding Hangar Doors, Overhead Doors11
Sliding & Pocket Doors10
Specialty Products
ADA Access System1
Antibacterial Gasketing – BIOWall2
Automatic Door Bottom/ Electrical Actuator4
Concealed Door Bottom, Easy Access4
Doorlites – Slimport Metal Vision Frames5
Dust Plug, Self-Adhesive6
EMI/ RFI Protection7
FLO Option Door Sweeps8, 9
Finger Protection2, 10, 11
Flood Barrier Shield12
Intumescent Fire Block13
Intumescent Fire Bolt14
Ligature-Resistant Gasketing – ZAG 3
Lead-Lined X-Ray Protection5
Radioactive Dust Protection15
Security Control16
Product Information
Regulatory Standards1
Physical Properties2
Air Control Systems3
Sound Control Systems4