Acoustical Gasketing Systems

... for unequaled performance when QUIET really matters.

There’s no such thing as "a little bit dissatisfied" with unwanted noise in demanding sound-control applications such as recording studios and performance halls. That's why ZERO is the choice of acoustical consultants who stake their reputations on delivering solutions that work.

We engineer our door gasketing systems and every acoustical seal to function efficiently through millions of cycles over many years. ZERO gives consultants and specifiers what they need for reliable sound-control performance:

  • top-quality neoprene with even density and solid footing in our gaskets
  • top-quality gasket housings
  • adjustable features to offset alignment problems and help compensate for poor installation
  • glass lite systems available
  • proven track record

In addition to optimizing high-STC solutions, ZERO sound systems can also help designers lower noise levels and add value in hotels and motels, office buildings, apartment houses, hospitals and doctors offices, churches and schools.

For product details, visit the Sound Control Systems section of our online catalog.

1Adjustable Gasketing for Sound Control
2SOUND TRAP Systems for STC 49 and STC 52 Ratings
3SOUND TRAP Pairs System
5Window and Curtain Wall
Sound-Rated Partition
4, 5Acoustical Louvers & Vision Lites
8SOUND SHEET Sound Barrier
6Floors and Walls
Suspension Isolators and Silencing Tape
7Sound Trap Wall Insulator System
9Sound Ratings—Single and Double Door

Sound Control Technical Brochure (pdf)