INTUMET Intumescent Technology | Positive-Pressure Solutions for Doors | INTUMET Firestopping Solutions

ZERO's expertise in intumescent technology provides special value for the entire building team spanning a wide range of fire protection applications. We manufacture our proprietary INTUMET™ intumescent materials at our USA facility. That ensures convenient sourcing and stable pricing for our domestic customers—and turnkey manufacturing with prompt delivery for our OEM partners around the world.

Our approach to designing intumescent products and solutions is different from typical manufacturers that produce and market one product for all purposes. Extensive R&D led us to the conclusion that no one standard product really fits all needs – not if you want best performance in every case. Because optimum performance is application-specific, we have engineered separate products using different formulations and materials to meet specific needs and conditions.

Practical Advantages

All INTUMET intumescent products are asbestos-free and lead-free and meet NFPA 105 and British test standards. In developing our proprietary formulations, we also built in practical features not available elsewhere that benefit our OEM partners and their customers:
  • Structural stability – no special sheathing required to extend shelf life.
  • Rubber composition or supple, rubber-like texture for easy cutting and handling
  • Product availability in a variety of convenient standard sizes and volumes.

Research & Development

You will mostly likely find the answer for your specific application in one of our four standard INTUMET varieties. But if our OEM partners do need something more, we have the R&D capabilities and the manufacturing flexibility to design and produce customized INTUMET formations. Call our Engineering Department to tell us what you need.