Our Philosophy

Zero International designs and manufactures a wide range of specialized sealing systems for doors and windows. Commitment to the highest standards for performance and durability throughout our history has made our name synonymous with QUALITY in our industry. In projects where those standards are important, specifications for door and window gasketing stipulate "ZERO, no substitutes." We are also recognized for providing expert technical support for both the specification and application of our products.

The majority of our products are offered to the U.S. marketplace through a dynamic network of highly motivated sales agencies, and international sales support is provided by professional representatives in other countries. ZERO customers rely with confidence on our agents for education about industry issues, as well as expert support of product applications.

ZERO's sales representatives are available to assist facility owners, architects and designers with new construction, retrofit or maintenance requirements. They are well equipped to demonstrate the benefits of using the correct products to minimize life-cycle costs – and explaining the unique value in ZERO quality. They can collaborate with both owners and architects to help specify optimal solutions for their requirements.

To ensure that our products are furnished properly, we rely also on distribution partners of the highest caliber. ZERO distributors are professionals known for maintaining high standards of business conduct, as well as technical proficiency. They work closely with architects and are available to assist in the preparation of specifications and construction documents. They provide valuable support for ensuring that the correct product is used in each application.

About ZERO

Industry Leadership Since 1924

In 1924 two Hungarian immigrants, starting out with nothing, established a company and named it "Zero." Over the decades ZERO INTERNATIONAL has pioneered countless innovations for maximizing performance in door and window sealing systems. Today we are known worldwide for design, quality and creative problem-solving that set the standard for our industry. End users and their designers ask for "ZERO, no substitutes" when they want best value in products that perform reliably over years of hard use. And our OEM partners turn to ZERO for expertise and superior quality that give them a competitive edge.

As you browse our website, you will find that there's more to ZERO than ever. We're a full-line company providing a single source for high-performance hinges, saddles, thresholds and specialty products, in addition to our integrated, specialized door sealing systems. And we offer a wide variety of door louvers and vision lites through Advantage Lites & Louvers, a ZERO company located in Wallace, North Carolina.


Our experience in engineering solutions for demanding door and hardware applications has proved that "one size fits all" does not apply to gasketing. So we look at specialized functionality to design performance-based systems that work right for specific applications to block air, light, water, fire, smoke and sound. Our purpose is always to build the best possible product for its use, keeping in mind at all times our life-safety responsibilities.

We support all of our product lines using extensive in-house production capabilities and ingenuity to solve problems creatively. We manufacture our own rubber and plastic extrusions through our IND-EX subsidiary in Middlefield, Ohio. Our INTUMET division produces our intumescent material for fire and smoke gasketing, and firestopping applications. We even make our own photoluminescent material for compliance with requirements for exit path markings already in effect in New York City, and pending in other parts of the country.

These unequaled capabilities afford unique flexibility in responding to customers' special requirements. They have also produced a distinguished history of "firsts", including:

  • the first integrated door sealing systems
  • the first door gasketing suitable for soundproofing
  • first in our field to manufacture intumescent products
  • the first intumescent material designed specifically for doors
  • the first fire and smoke control systems for positive-pressure ratings
  • first in our field to manufacture photoluminescent products


Quality remains a constant for ZERO. Ongoing commitment to the highest standards for performance and durability has made our name synonymous with QUALITY in our industry. That's why gasketing specifications for projects where quality matters stipulate "ZERO, no substitutes." We are also recognized for providing expert technical support for both the specification and application of our products.

Tested Systems

ZERO offers a wide range of products tested by accredited laboratories for specialized performance, including fire and smoke protection sound control blocking air leakage blocking water infiltration slip resistance ADA access and door opening force.

We also offer tested systems for specialty purposes and applications, such as:

  • "Hurricane" protection against wind-driven water infiltration to Dade County, Florida standards
  • "Safe Haven" room gasketing for blocking air infiltration at up to 100 mph wind velocity
  • Sound control systems for hotel/motel entrances and communicating doors
  • Sound control systems for apartment and condominium unit entries
  • RFI/ EMI blocking doors
  • Sliding, pocket and hangar doors

The ZERO difference

We listen to our customers. We deliver exactly what they need. And we make sure it lasts. When nothing else is good enough for long enough. ZERO makes the difference...