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INTUMET Technology..........Problem-Solving Know-How

One of the things ZERO does best is solve problems. Applying the right INTUMET™ intumescence for the particular job is all it takes to resolve many fire protection challenges. In other cases, we apply our legendary creative thinking to devise unique, cost-effective solutions.

Seals for the U.S. Navy

When the U.S. Navy needed protection for shipboard aluminum doors, FS2002 proved to work best for the Navy’s requirements. Intumescent liners protecting the doors provide the needed expansion – some but not a lot – with a good reserve for stability after the intumescence has activated.

Soffit protection from California fire storms

In the aftermath of devastating fire storms in California, ZERO consulted with local designers to integrate "intumescent fire barrier strips" into eave soffit venting to satisfy new fire code requirements. The low activation temperature of FS3003 made it the most appropriate material for these residential applications, where extensive use of wood materials with relatively low flash points was the norm. The success of the FS3003 solution allowed builders to resume using traditional overhangs in place of roof-mounted venting for air circulation.

Apartment building in motion

For really unusual requirements, we are uniquely equipped to do the job. Architectural and structural designers turned to ZERO for expert help in addressing the unique challenges of fire protection for a rotating apartment building in-the-round, where every floor runs on bearings protected by rubber. Our solutions included using FS3003 intumescent linings to increase the smoke resistance of the rubber for all the bearings.