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  Testing and Compliance


U.S. Standards

UL 10BStandard for Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
UL 10C Standard for Positive Pressure
Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
UBC 7-2 1997Fire Test Standard for Swinging Fire Doors
UBC 43-2 1991Fire Test of Door Assemblies
IBC 2000International Building Code
NFPA 105Standard for the Installation
of Smoke Door Assemblies
NFPA 252Standard Methods of Fire Tests
of Door Assemblies
ASTM E152Methods of Fire Test of Door Assemblies

International Standards

International Standards
ISO 3008 1976
Fire-Resistance Tests - Door and Shutter Assemblies
British Standard Institute
BS 476-PART 22 1987
Methods for Determination of the Fire Resistance of Non-Load Bearing Elements of Construction
British Standard Institute
BS 476-PART 31 1983
Methods for Measuring Smoke Penetration Through Doorsets and Shutter Assemblies
BS EN 1634Fire-Resistance Tests for Door and Shutter Assemblies
The Ministry of Construction
Notice No.1125 of 1990
Fireproof Performance Test (Japan)
Japanese Industrial Standard
Method of Fire Protecting Test of Fire Door for Buildings
Building and Regulatory Test
Australia / New Zealand
AS 1530.4
Fire Resistance Test