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FS4004 is graphite-based material formulated to expand with strong force to approximately 80 times its original volume. It is the best intumescent material to use for protecting fire-wall through-penetrations, such as PVC pipe. Its forceful expansion chokes the pipe and completely blocks the passage of smoke and fire.

Other Applications

  • Metal doors – The expansion rate of FS4004 works very well for filling lock-side top corner gaps typical of metal exposure to extreme heat.
  • Electrical boxes – If a spark generates fire inside the box, an FS4004 interior lining expands instantly at high volume and fills the box with flaky char, choking the fire and sealing all holes and wire connections from spreading flames.
  • Fire wall louvers – FS4004 laminating the slats expands with sufficient force and volume to seal the air passages from spread of flames.
  • Fire-rated safes – Strips of FS4004 can be mounted on the stop around the edge of the door to seal the gaps against fire while protecting the contents.