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Invitation to OEM Partners

ZERO is the ideal partner for companies looking for a reliable U.S. source of top-quality intumescent firestopping—or whose customers’ specialized needs require custom solutions.

We are the only major intumescent manufacturer in the U.S. Our location and capabilities enable us to offer a unique package of benefits for OEM partners in the U.S., including:

  • immediate availability of standard materials and products
  • fast turnaround on custom orders
  • economical pricing
  • predictable costs – no variables from currency exchange fluctuations

ZERO’s intumescent technology allows virtually unlimited product design flexibility. We welcome inquiries for assistance in solving fire protection challenges in firewalls, as well as electrical and plumbing through-penetrations.

We can work with you to refine or overhaul product design to satisfy code requirements or testing agency parameters. We can also collaborate in testing for F ratings (flame penetration), T ratings(temperature rise) and L ratings (air leakage) under U.S. standards:

  • ASTM International E 814 Standard Test Method for Fire Tests of Through-Penetration Fire Stops
  • Underwriters Laboratories UL 1479, Standard for Fire Tests of Through-Penetration Firestops

ZERO is actively seeking OEM partners for cooperative research, development and testing to explore applications of mutual interest. Contact us to discuss opportunities for innovative, cost-effective fireproofing solutions for any industry, including:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Bridge-building
  • Train and subway construction